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Conductors Program

The International Lyric Academy is celebrating 29 years of success by partnering with Opera Carolina. In 2023, the ILA will offer the opportunity for the Assistant Conductor Program to participate in the program either in Charlotte, USA or in Vicenza, Italy. They can also take advantage of the special bundled discounts and participate in the program in both countries.

The conductor’s program is a unique opportunity. A very limited number of promising young conductors will study with Maestro Stefano Vignati and Maestro James Meena and assist with preparing the orchestras for Le Nozze di Figaro,  Les Contes d’Hoffman and the Mozart Marathon.


PROGRAM DATES: June 19 – July 23

AUDITION REPERTOIRE: Videos of your conducting work including:

1) One Symphonic work or excerpt / movement (if no symphonic work choose one opera example) Apply Now

2) One operatic work or excerpt / scene (if no operatic work choose one symphonic example)


Le Nozze di Figaro by W. A. Mozart – full opera production

Les Contes d’Hoffmann by J. Offenbach – full opera production

Mozart Marathon: Arias and duets from all Mozart’s Operas.

Chamber Music: For Orchestra professors according with their repertoire


PROGRAM PRICES: $8000 includes an air conditioned single room in a 4 stars hotel, with wi-fi and breakfast, but does not include airfare and meals.

The first payment is due when you are accepted and the second payment due May 15, 2023.


All participants pay their own travel and insurance.

To review information about all our programs, please click the corresponding link on the menu above.

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