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The International Lyric Academy is celebrating 30 years of success by partnering again with Opera Carolina. In 2024, the ILA will offer the opportunity for the Chorus Program to participate in the program in Vicenza, Italy. 

MasterClass Program offers classes created for students of all skill levels.

Our instructors are the best motivated people to offer you an incredible experience. If you are already enrolled in one of our Programs, you will participate in our Masterclass series, if you are an auditor, please build your own program now. Contact us!


DATES:: We can custom your dates according to your interest and availability. You can be in United Staes or Italy, or choose to come on both.


  • Auditors will receive no private lessons or coaching, but can participate in Masterclasses.

  • All daily classes are also open for participation. Italian Classes, Voice, Lessons, Coaching, Diction, Acting and more.

  • Audit any classes and rehearsals Monday through Saturday.


Explore all our programs and build your ideal Program! 

FEE: $1500 includes 10-day hotel with roommates, breakfast, but does not include airfare and mealsApply Now

All participants pay their own travel, meals and insurance.

To review information about all our programs, please click the corresponding link on the menu above.


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