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Puccini Marathon




Puccini Grand Gala

The International Lyric Academy is celebrating 30 years of success by partnering again with Opera Carolina. In 2024, the ILA will offer the opportunity for the Puccini Grand Gala to participate in the program either in Vicenza, Italy.


PROGRAM DATES IN VICENZA: (ITA):  July 21 – August 4

The International Lyric Academy is the only training program in Italy that offers exclusive agent auditions to the members of the Puccini Grand Gala and Full Opera. Throughout the 2-week program there will be several opportunities to sing exclusively for agents representing such houses as San Carlo in Naples, Teatro dell’Opera in Rome, Arena di Verona and La Scala.This service is free and available only to our best singers.

The Puccini Grand Gala is a wonderful opportunity for artists. Singers work with the maestros preparing their assigned repertoire. In addition to the performances, and rehearsals, Singers participate in a weekly vocal lesson, Italian language class as well as have multiple opportunities to participate in master classes. Recitals are available at the weekly Florilegium or Grand Gala Concerts.

AUDITION REPERTOIRE: Singers: Two Italian arias or art songs. One piece must be sung in Italian; a second piece in Italian or in another language of your choice. Apply Now


(Puccini Grand Gala will include arias and duets)

PERFORMANCE DATE: August 1, 2024 (Teatro Comunale di Vicenza)




PROGRAM PRICES: $4500 includes two-week hotel with roommates, breakfast, but does not include airfare and meals


All participants pay their own travel, meals and insurance.

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