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We Speak Italian

“We speak Italian” – Intensive 10 days Italian classes through Culture!

“We speak Italian” by Stefano Vignati, (Professor of Italian Language at Drake University)

“Intensive 10 days Italian classes through Culture!” combines intensive language instruction with a rich immersion in Italian culture. The program has three components:

  • Italian language classes

  • speaking opportunities

  • arts & cultural events conducted in Italian

Students take Italian language courses at the level that best suits them, from beginning to advanced Italian. In addition, the course organizes “language exchange”, get-togethers with Italians, in order that students from their very first days in Italy have the opportunity to meet Italians with whom they can practice the language. Arts events include tours of Vicenza, Venezia, Padova and Verona conducted in Italian; food experiences in Italian; instruction in Italian in the art of making Pizza; a guided tour in Italian of local museums, and galleries.

The experience of Italy can be a liberal arts experience of the highest order. Italy’s natural beauty, combined with her rich history and culture, embodies the interrelation between all the branches of learning, and between the fine and liberal arts. “We speak Italian”uses the beauty of Italy to inspire students to learn the Italian language, and uses their growing command of Italian to draw them more deeply into Italian life and culture.

Program Structure

Ten days intensive “We speak Italian” course is conducted entirely in Italian and is open to students of all levels.

The organization of the daily program includes:

  • Language Instruction (comprehension)

  • Language Exercises (application)

  • Conversation (integration)

In the Language Exercise and Conversation sessions, the emphasis is on speaking, oral comprehension, and vocabulary. Each session is conducted with a the limited number of students per class (10/15) to allow for individualized attention.


$5000 includes an air conditioned double room in a 4 stars hotel, with wi-fi and breakfast, but does not include airfare and meals.

PROGRAM DATES: July 09 – July 23

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All participants pay their own travel, meals and insurance.

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